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Have you had a look at our new Trustys site? We'll be switching over to it in the next few weeks :)

"What a brilliant website you've set up...I wouldn't use anything else to find tradesmen/women!"

"I first heard of Trusty Trades through a contact of mine and he suggested I look into joining.   
I must admit I was a wee bit sceptical in the beginning and wasn't sure if I would get any work from it. (If only I knew then, what I do now!). The process to being accepted onto Trusty Trades is thorough, requiring a meeting with Lynn in the first instance followed up by checks with previous clients, to ensure the criteria to being a 'Trusty' is met. Within a day of joining Trusty Trades my phone was ringing and I had already made the joining fee back and more. The scepticism was gone. I get a lot of work from the Trusty Trades site and I can honestly say it has been my best move since starting to work for myself.
So if you're a tradesman thinking about joining, get in touch with Lynn and start the ball rolling. I thoroughly recommend it and you won't regret it. Trusty Trades really does work." John Allan, J.A Joinery

" Love your site, it's so useful, keep up the good work"

"a special thanks to Lynn for her time,patience and extremely helpful advice without which we didn't know where to start, the tradesmen so far have been excellent and on completion of the work I will be happy to provide their details,an excellent service AND FREE!!"

"Great website and very informative."

"I think your website is brilliant, I've used it several times and always recommend it to others especially when they've had negative experiences with tradesmen"

"Hi Lynn. I take my hat off to you doing this; it is a huge commitment but it is a great idea. 
I first used it a couple of years ago for a when my father was alive in Grangemouth. 
Heard of your website by word of mouth and I've used it a few times again. You deserve a medal! 
Well done and thank you."

"Lynn thanks for all your help. It's a good job there are people as selfless as you in the world to help keep the balance. All the best."

Hello - and Welcome to TrustyTrades - a free directory of good, honest, reliable, local Tradesmen.
My name's Lynn (Reid) Hunter and I started up' TrustyTrades'  with the help of my friends and neighbours in Grangemouth back in October 2011.
It was a very simple idea - we all chipped in details of Tradesmen we'd used and trusted, and I put a list together so we could share the info and the feedback.
Since setting up the website, more tradesmen have been added and it's reputation has really spread - TrustyTrades is becoming more and more popular, not just around Grangemouth, but throughout Central Scotland.
The listed tradesmen are benefitting by getting extra work in the current hard times and local people are benefitting by knowing that any tradesman they employ from this website has been recommended by local 'word of mouth'. 
TrustyTrades is different from other tradesmen websites -
The tradesmen can't just apply for a listing - they have to be recommended by their customers and then invited to join.
Criteria for Tradesmen Listed on TrustyTrades -
  • The tradesmen listed on TrustyTrades are either sole traders or small businesses so we are dealing with the tradesmen personally (and because they're small businesses, many aren't VAT registered in which case you don't have to pay VAT on top of your bill)
  • Each of them has been recommended for their honesty, reliability, quality of work and fair prices and they welcome the opportunity to be listed on TrustyTrades, as their reputations are vital to the success of their businesses.
If you're looking for a good, honest tradesman, simply click on the appropriate tab and select from the list.
You can see comments and feedback from other customers to help you decide who to choose.
Bear in mind that I haven't used all these tradesmen myself, and so I can't give any personal guarantees.
However, my experience since starting TrustyTrades is that each and every one of them will do the best job they can for you. 
And if there's ever a problem (we live in the real world and know that things sometimes do go wrong even with the best tradesmen), let them know and give them the chance to resolve it. These are genuine tradesmen who value their good reputations, so you can be assured they'll do all they can to make sure you're happy with the finished job.
So when you choose a tradesman from TrustyTrades, tell them you got them from TrustyTrades.
And remember to give me feedback afterwards, so that others can benefit from your experience.
It's quick and easy - just click on the 'FEEDBACK/COMMENTS' tab
I'm always on the lookout for good tradesmen to add to TrustyTrades. So if you know a really good, reliable, local tradesman please contact me with your recommendation. Just use the 'RECOMMEND' tab
"People Helping People"

The tradesmen on this site have all been recommended by local people. I can accept no responsibility for any subsequent use of this information and I would recommend that you carry out your own due diligence on any tradesmen before you decide to hire them. I take no responsibility for any loss suffered as a result of any such decision.
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